Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ColdFusion 10 & Hot-Fix Installer

How many times you have wished there was a simpler way to apply hot-fixes? How many times number of steps involved have caused inconvenience and errors in deployment? The debugging required in most of these cases really takes a long time. Same is true for uninstalling a particular hot-fix. 

With ColdFusion 10, all of this will be solved and hot-fix installation will becomes a one click activity. Hot-fix installer (updater) is bundled within ColdFusion 10. This will eliminate the hassles of copying files, deleting files, different hot-fixes like cumulative, security etc. There will be always a single cumulative hoti-fix available. Hot-fix installer will take care of all the work required to update the server and will also keep the back up.
There is a new section in Administrator console Server Update -> Updates. Following features are added in hot-fix installer – (See Figure 1,2) 

  •  You can check from updates using “Check for updates” button,
  • You can see the update level and available hot-fixes from within administrator it self,
  • You can do manual install or automatic install of hot-fix,
  • You can configure it to check for updates automatically,When this is selected, on Administrator console, right top corner an icon mentions how many updates are available. (See Figure 3)
  • You can schedule email alerts to be raised whenever there is a new hot-fix available,
  • You can also set up an internal hot-fix update location from within intranet.

Figure1, Hot-Fix Installer

Figure 2, Hot-Fix Installer Settings

Figure 3, Hot-Fix Installer, Check for updates automatically

ColdFusion 10 Beta is available, try it now and see how easy it is to patch the server and keep them up to date.

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  1. It's a hell of a lot easier than the previous way we had to apply hot-fixes and a greatly appreciated addition to CF10.

  2. Finally, this has been a long time coming, although I expect we have Railo to thank for this feature finally appearing in ColdFusion :-)


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