Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 2012 Security Hot-Fix updated for ColdFusion 801

A bug was reported for ColdFusion 801 hot-fix, where java.lang.NoSuchMethodError exception was being thrown while using cffile upload.
We have updated the hotfix files of ColdFusion 801 to include the fix for the above issue. Users who have already applied the hotfix for ColdFusion 801 can just update the hotfix jar.

Some tips for successfully installing hot-fix -

1. Don't delete chf jar files file applying Hot-fix.
2. Post Parameter limit is a new setting added to limit number of Post parameters allowed.        It is different from PostSizeLimit set from Administrator.
3. The default value for this setting is 100, if your application has more number of input fields then please configure this appropriately.

Refer to tech note  notes section 5 and 6 to know how this can be configured.


  1. The hf801-00005.jar HAS NOT been updated in the that is listed on the page only

    Please update BOTH downloads.

  2. David,

    It is updated. I checked again, downloading the the jar file placed in lib/updates is the new one.

    Let me know if you have more converns.



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