Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Security & Secure and easy application development with ColdFusion

As I start my post today, I see how I have evolved. I started as a developer who was mostly unaware of what it needs to make something secure or what mistakes I was doing. Now as I gained some knowledge in security field working as security czar, I can see how my perspective has changed. Now I think Securing first.

Security is considered to be hard. It is mostly left to domain specialists and researchers to comment on security. However it is we developers who should know it right from beginning. If explained nicely, these are very simple concepts and flaws which are misused and creates problem.

With ColdFusion 10 a developer can have much stronger and sweeter relationship with security. There are a lot of features in ColdFusion 10 which will help developers and administrators create secure applications. These are very simple to use APIs and configurations. I will start this series today to discuss those from my perspective.

You can download ColdFusion 10 public beta from here.

Today I am going to cover How to Secure CF Session Cookies. You can read further on this here How to Secure CF Session Cookies

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