Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Duplicate flex session error in Server Manager and MultiServer Monitor while registering instances running on same machine

In Server Manager AIR application or MultiServer Monitor, when you register two or more ColdFusion server instances running on the same machine with same hostname, you might experience issues while fetching the settings from the server resulting in DuplicateSessionException on the server.

The Workaround is to register different aliases to the same IP in the hosts file

and associating each alias with one CF server instance when there are multiple instances running.
Eg: In the machine where Server Manager AIR application (or the MultiServer Monitor) is running, add the multiple hostnames to the servers
Say on the machine ,  3 ColdFusion instances are running and on the machine where Server Manager AIR application (say add as follows in the hosts file        prod-1        prod-2        prod-3
And while registering the CF server instances use prod-1 for one instance, prod-2 for second  instance & prod-3 for 3rd instance as host names.
This resolves the issue.

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  1. Thank you for your post! this was driving me crazy. Adding aliases to the hosts file worked perfectly!


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